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Hedge Trimming Services in OTTAWA

OTTAWA, Ontario, Hedge Trimming & Pruning Services

Benefits of Hedge Trimming / Pruning

Most hedges require two trimmings a year to maintain healthy growth and to look most visually appealing. Hedges that receive a lot of sunlight grow very quickly and can even require more trimming! It is recommended that trimming or pruning your hedge on a bi-annual basis is required to promote proper growth of the hedge.

Trimming and pruning hedges requires careful maintenance and must be done delicately as to not damage the healthy growth within the hedge. Above Average are experts in hedge trimming assuring your landscaping will be done professionally and efficiently. We offer a professional service using commercial hedge trimming / pruning machines and always make sure to remove debris from your property during clean up of the job site.

Contact us now for your FREE hedge trimming / pruning estimate!

While we can do most general residential hedge trimming / pruning, we even do more!

Above Average OTTAWA residential hedge trimming / pruning services offer many different trimming / pruning techniques.

Ask us for a free estimate for hedge trimming / pruning services for your property by phone, or online. Act now and Contact one of the best hedge trimming / pruning arborist in OTTAWA, Ontario for residential and/or commercial hedges in Canada.

OTTAWA, Ontario, Commercial Hedge Trimming / Pruning Services

Commercial hedge trimming / pruning services are available and we are fully insured, certified and licensed.

While we can do most general commercial hedge trimming / pruning repairs, we even do more!

Hedge trimming / pruning in OTTAWA, Ontario is affordable, and important for most commercial establishments. The process is exactly the same as residential hedge trimming / pruning. We safely remove the hazardous or unsightly branches with our expert hedge trimming techniques and remove all debris from the site.

Hedge trimming / pruning is one of the most often requested commercial hedge services and we have years of experience. Contact one of the best commercial hedge trimming /pruning companies in OTTAWA, Ontario for a free consultation and estimate.


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