Ottawa Tree Permits

Do I Need A Tree Permit To Cut Down A Tree In Ottawa?

In the City of Ottawa you are required to obtain a tree permit before cutting down trees over 30 cm. Hug your tree, if your arms don’t touch then you’ll probably require an arborist report. Schedule a free quote and get expert advice on how to proceed when removing distinctive trees. We are ISA Certified Arborists and can provide the necessary tree risk assessment & recommendations. Call or a request a quote to learn about how to obtain a tree permit in Ottawa.

What If My Tree Is Dead, Do I Need A Tree Permit?


There are some circumstances in which an exemption can be provided. If a tree is dead or poses a public safety risk, a licensed arborist can provide an exemption. In addition, if the tree is located on private property and poses a hazard to the property, an exemption may also be granted. Exemptions are typically granted on a case-by-case basis, so it is important to consult with an arborist before making any decisions about removing a tree.


Replacing Distinctive Trees (1:1)


Trees play an important role in our environment, providing us with fresh air, shade, and beauty. As a result, it is important to replant trees whenever possible. One way to encourage replanting is to require that a new tree be planted for each distinctive tree removed. This condition is put in place for all residential Distinctive Tree permits that get approved in Ottawa.


What Information Is Included In A Tree Removal Permit Application?


  • Owner contact information
  • Arborist contact information
  • Contractor information
  • Location of tree(s) to be removed
  • Species
  • Size
  • Ownership
  • Condition of tree(s)
  • Client’s reason for removal
  • Arborist recommendations
  • *Additional information may be requested
  • Self-declaration statement

What Is The Cost Of A Tree Permit Application In Ottawa?


What is the cost of a tree removal permit application in Ottawa? For residential citizens the fee is $150 per tree to a maximum of $750. If your tree needs to be removed because it is dead or hazardous then it does NOT require a tree permit application (see certified arborist). 


Tree Permit Cost for private property in the urban area:

  • Applications for removal not associated with a Planning Act application or infill development – $150 per tree to a maximum of $750
  • Removal of dead, hazardous or ash trees does not require a permit application, follow exemption process

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The City of Ottawa is committed to protecting its trees. In order to do so, the city has enacted By-law No. 2020-340, which prohibits the removal of distinctive trees without a permit. The by-law also sets out requirements for tree planting and maintenance, and provides for penalties for violations. The by-law is designed to ensure that our trees are managed in a sustainable manner, and to protect the city’s urban forest. We can advise you about the tree protection laws, exemptions due to safety and the likelihood your permit application will be approved or rejected.

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